Fortnitemares Part 4 Challenges Guide

Fortnitemares Part 4 Challenges Guide

It’s all led to this point. Part four of the Fortnitemares released today, bringing with it the final six challenges for the event. Completion of all six of the challenges included will unlock the Dark Engine glider. The last six challenges are nothing new. Chances are you’ve done a few of these while simply playing the game. Of the six provided challenges, only one of them can be considered difficult. Thankfully there is a method to making sure this challenge is as easily mopped up as the rest of them. Here are the final six challenges introduced with part four of Fortnitemares.

Destroy Elite Cube Monsters
The first challenge tasks you with defeating 10 Elite Cube Monsters. These monsters tend to appear a lot more frequently when you’re in the process of damaging the cube fragment they spawn from. There are two types of Elite Cube Monsters. The Elite Cube Fiend is a stronger version of the Cube Fiend. They are identifiable by a little bit of orange color irradiating from their purple body. There is also an Elite Cube Brute, who also carries the orange irradiation on their giant purple body, but these enemies are bullet sponges compared to the Elite Cube Fiend and should otherwise be ignored.
The Elite Cube Fiend can take anywhere from 3 – 4 shots to the head to destroy. The easiest way to cause them to spawn would be to shoot the cube fragment. Its possible to get as many as one – three of them to spawn doing it this way. You only need to eliminate 10, so this challenge will complete quickly. Here is the creature you’re looking for.

Damage Cube Fragments
This challenge goes great with the previous challenge for defeating the Elite Cube Monsters. All you need to do for this challenge is simply damage Cube Fragments (The big purple rocks the monsters spawn from). You’ll be required to deal at least 2,500 damage to Cube Fragments. Thankfully the Fragments have quite a bit of health, so this challenge will come very quickly, especially when combined with trying to destroy three of the Cube Fragments per another challenge on this list.

Deal damage to Cube Monsters in a single match
You’ll be required to deal 1,000 damage to Cube Monsters in a single match. Okay, seriously, is this really even a challenge at this point? It takes about four shots to the head to destroy a standard Cube Brute which depending on your weapon can deal 60+ damage. That’s 240 damage right there. That’s not counting the Cube Fiends you destroy along with it. If you only specifically target Cube Brutes, it will take destroying four or five of them to complete this challenge. Combine that with the damage dealt with Cube Fiends, and you’ll have this challenge in about one to two minutes.
Visit different Corrupted Areas in a single match
This challenge can easily be considered the hard challenge of the lot. It tasks you with visiting four different Corrupted areas in a single match. These Corrupted Areas are spread out pretty evenly, so unless you have a few Rift-to-go’s or launchpads, you’ll need to travel mostly on foot. The best way to do this challenge is to start at the Corrupted Area by Greasy Grove. Land here and loot a chest if possible to arm yourself. Grab a shadow stone and begin heading to the Corrupted Area just north of Fatal Fields. The Shadow form lasts for 45 seconds, so there will be a time your character will become human again. Once you reach Fatal Fields, grab another shadow stone and head north to the Corrupted Area just northwest of Salty Springs. Finally, once you reach this location, grab one last shadow stone and make your way to the east towards Retail Row where the last Corrupted Area awaits. Step inside the Corrupted Area, and you’ll see the challenge progress. Finish the match, and the challenge will complete.

Destroy Cube Fragments
You’re required to destroy three Cube Fragments. What makes this challenge a little annoying is just how much damage is required to destroy a Cube Fragment. Using regular weapons will destroy one of these in time, but what can help to destroy it even quicker is explosives. Grenade or Rocket Launchers work best, but if you don’t have one handy, throwing Grenades into the crevice between the fragment and the ground, or just sticking the fragment with clingers will destroy them rather quickly. Combine that with regular weapons damage, and you’ll destroy one in no time at all.
Complete Fortnitemares Challenges
For the sixth and final challenge of the Fortnitemares event, players are required to finish 14 Fortnitemares challenges across the four challenge parts. There are a total of 18 Fortnitemares challenges in the game. That being said, with the entirety of the event’s challenges being cake, this challenge should be pretty simple to complete in due time. If you are missing any challenges from the previous parts, be sure to check out those specific guides down below.
Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3
Note: This challenge is presently bugged and only counting challenges completed today, not challenges that have already been completed. Epic Games are aware of the issue and are presently working on a fix.

Fortnitemares Part Three Challenges Guide

Fortnitemares Part Three Challenges Guide

It’s always very strange to see something released for Fortnite Battle Royale on a Sunday of all days, but today, part three of the Fortnitemares challenges have unlocked. Four new challenges await players in-game, and all can be completed in 45 minutes to an hour depending on your luck. Completing all four challenges in part three will reward you with the virulent flames contrail. Two of today’s challenges are all based on tasks you’ve done plenty of times in the past two parts, along with two other challenges that we’ve seen before in the battle pass.

Destroy Cube Brutes
For the first challenge of this week, you’re tasked with destroying Cube Brutes. Of the two monsters that spawn from a cube fragment, Brutes are the bigger, tougher looking ones. The challenge asks you to defeat only 25 in total. This challenge will take you no time at all to complete. If you’re in an outside area not near the circle, you can expect to complete this challenge in as little as one to two games.

Deal damage with Explosive Weapons to Cube Monsters
For this challenge, don’t stress trying to find a Rocket or Grenade Launcher. This challenge can be completed simply with some Clingers or regular Grenades. Just round up a bunch of monsters near you, drop a grenade and run back a bit. Once it explodes, it will eliminate any monsters. If you happen to take any damage, you’ll be rewarded back shields for the monster kills. Continue to round up monsters and damage/destroy them with grenades until you feel you’ve done enough. Then proceed to finish the match as normal. The damage will accumulate at the end to show your progress.

Search Chests in Corrupted Areas
Yet another challenge tied to the Corrupted Areas all around the map. This challenge asks players to loot seven chests from Corrupted Areas. In total there are seven Corrupted Areas around the map. The easiest way to get this challenge done quick is to land at a Corrupted Area that’s off the beaten path from the bus route. Corrupted Area chests spawn randomly. There are a total of two chests that can spawn at a location, though sometimes you’ll only find one spawned or worse than that, neither spawned at the location. You can attempt to head to other nearby Corrupted Areas in hopes that they were not looted. Think more about how popular the nearby locations are. If you land at the Corrupted Area by Pleasant Park and manage to get a chest, your best bet is to head Northeast to Lazy Links as opposed to Southeast to Greasy Grove, as Greasy Grove is a much more popular hot drop. Here are the locations of every Corrupted Area.

Stage x: Visit [Location Name]

The last set of challenges are in stages, and simply ask the player to visit various locations around the map. There are three total stages to this challenge, which means you’ll need to visit three different locations in three different games to finish this challenge. Stage one asks the player to head over to Wailing Woods. It’s easier just to land there, and potentially at the Corrupted Area within in an attempt to collect one or two of the seven chests you need for the other challenge. Afterward, simply complete the match, and you’ll be awarded stage two.
For Stage two, you’re going to want to head to Fatal Fields. As with the previous stage, you’ll want to head to the Corrupted Area just north of Fatal Fields and continue to try and get the chests (if needed). Afterward, simply grab a shadow stone and fly over near Fatal Fields. Once you get in range of the location, you’ll complete the challenge. After the match ends, the third and final stage will be unlocked.
The third and final destination to visit for this set of challenges is Haunted Hills in the northwest corner of the map, right below Junk Junction. Sadly, there is no Corrupted Area near this location, so you’ll simply want to land in or near Haunted Hills to complete the challenge and then play through the game as normal. As long as you properly complete the match, you’ll be rewarded after returning to the main menu.
The fourth and final part of challenges for the Fortntiemares event is set to unlock on Tuesday. This set will bolster six challenges to complete, and players will be rewarded the Dark Engine glider as a reward. It’s still unclear if all six challenges will need to be completed to unlock the glider or not. Be on the lookout for that guide on Tuesday.

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Fortnitemares Part Two Challenges Guide

Fortnitemares Part Two Challenges Guide

Part two of the Fortnitemares event challenges have unlocked and with it four more challenges for players to complete. Completing all of the challenges included in part two will reward players the Deadfire spray. Of the four challenges, only one is really new. The other three challenges are unfortunately challenges you’ve seen already, whether in the Fortnitemares part one challenge set or in basic Battle Pass challenge weeks. Here is a look at the newest challenges.

Destroy Cube Fiends

Similar to the challenge presented in Part one of the Fortnitemares challenges, which required you to destroy 200 cube monsters, this challenge asks you to specifically target and destroy 150 Cube Fiends. Of the two types of monsters that assault you, Cube Fiends are the slimmer of the two monsters. Unfortunately, you will need to deal with the Cube Brute’s as well, and they just won’t count for the challenge which will make it seem like the challenge is progressing very slowly. You should be able to accomplish this in no more than three to four games. Here is the specific monster you’re looking to destroy.

Deal damage with Shotguns or SMGs to Cube Monsters
As with the part one, part two will have you dealing damage to all Cube monsters using two specific weapons. Part two asks you to deal damage with both Shotguns and Submachine Guns to Cube monsters. You’ll need to deal out 5,000 damage. To complete this challenge fast, you’ll want to stick with blue weapons or above. A Rare pump Shotgun or Epic Heavy Shotgun work perfectly in dealing large amounts of damage in short bursts. Any Submachine Gun is good for the job as well, though the Compact P90-looking SMG (or the Tony Horton as some call it) packs the most punch.

Eliminate opponents at Corrupted Areas
If this challenge seems familiar to you, that’s because it’s actually a challenge that was presented in Fortnite Battle Royale’s season six week four challenges, the only difference being in the wording. This recycled challenge requires players to head over to one of the seven different Corrupted Areas on the map and eliminate three players. This challenge is accumulative, so not all three need to be eliminated in one game.
The one thing you’ll definitely want to do is land at a nearby location to grab weapons, ammo, and shields. If you head straight in, an opponent could potentially beat you to a weapon, and it will end badly. Arming yourself at say Retail Row, and then heading into the corrupted area nearby afterward assures that you’re well armed and you may have shields to help you survive a few hits should you succumb to damage.

Destroy a Ghost Decoration in different Named Locations

For the final challenge in part two, players are required to head to seven different named locations and destroy a ghost decoration. These decorations can be destroyed by anything, but the challenge MUST be completed in a Fortnitemares playlist. This challenge cannot be done in Disco Domination. This challenge can be completed in one game, but most likely, dealing with the circle it may take two or three games. Ghost decorations can appear on streetlamps, or in ceilings of buildings. Look around, and you should find them quite quickly.

Did you miss Fortnitemares Part one? We have a guide for that!
Fortnitemares Part One Challenges Guide


Fortnitemares Part One Challenges Guide

Fortnitemares Part One Challenges Guide

With the release of the Fortnitemares limited time event just in time for Halloween in Fortnite Battle Royale, the event has also brought with it new challenges. The challenges for this particular event shares similarities to past events, but also now has a few differences. Fortnitemares will include four sets of challenges throughout the time of the event. Each set will unlock only a few days after each other. Completing all the challenges in the set will reward you the cosmetic item listed. The first set of challenges will reward players with a green ghost sticker, should they complete all four of the challenges.

Destroy Cube Monsters
Since yesterday’s update, players can now find monsters that spawn from cube fragments around the world. This challenge simply asks you to destroy 200 of them. This challenge is pretty simple and can be completed quite quickly. The best weapon to use to defeat monsters would be the new crossbow, as its silent and won’t give away your position. You could also use an assault rifle or pistol to combine this challenge with the next one.
Deal damage with Assault Rifles or Pistols to Cube Monsters
Highly recommended you use the Silenced Pistol or Suppressed Assault Rifle if you find it. The best thing about defeating these monsters is that they frequently drop loot, which can help you keep up on ammo reserves, or just grant you a better weapon altogether. You’ll need to deal out 5,000 damage to monsters. It’s not presently known exactly how much health monsters have, but since you need to kill 200 of them anyway, you’re guaranteed to complete this challenge long beforehand just as long as you’re using an Assault Rifle or Pistol when doing so.
Visit a Corrupted Area in Different Matches
This is already a challenge that has been presented in one way, shape, or form in one or more of the weekly challenges. For this challenge you simply need to visit one corrupted area in a different match, seven matches total. There are seven total corrupted areas, but the best thing about this challenge is that you’re welcome to go to the same corrupted area in every match you play. Simply walk near or into the corrupted area and you shall receive progress. Now complete the match and the progress will save.

Dance in front of different Gargoyles
This challenge is very simple, yet can be a little confusing as well. If your immediate thought was to fly to Haunted Hills and dance in front of the gargoyle statue found in the fenced area, then alas you’re mistaken. There are new Gargoyle statues hidden around the map. There are a total of nine different statues to dance at, players simply need to head to five, and dance near them to add progress to their challenge. This challenge can easily be completed in one to two games. Here are the locations of all the Gargoyle statues that count.

The second set of challenges is due out tomorrow. Today also sees the release of week five challenges for season six of Fortnite Battle Royale.

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